As if pinworms weren’t scary enough, view our list of spooky pinworm facts below. 

  1. Pinworms are the length of a staple
  2. When humans fall asleep, pinworms crawl out of their anus 
  3. Female pinworms lay eggs in the anus 
  4. Pinworm infection often occurs in more than one person in a household or institution.

Don’t be spooked this season by pinworms. Reese Pharmaceutical created Reese’s Pinworm Medicine to scare them away (paralyze them until flushed down the toilet). The lifecycle of pinworms starts with ingestion. Then, they migrate to the small intestine and lay their eggs in the anus. These eggs hatch and explore their new home in your body. With Reese’s Pinworm Medicine, you can paralyze the worms and flush them right away. 

Which part of the pinworm experience is the most spooky? Not only are pinworms creepy, but have you heard of a woman finding worms in her brain (not pinworms)? Read the article below with caution.