Garlic: Good for Bad Breath, Not for Pinworm

Recently, while perusing the internet, we came upon some pretty bad advice for how to treat a pinworm infection. Rather than recommending consulting a doctor, or following basic sanitation techniques, the recommendation they gave? Chew a clove of garlic. WHAT DO WE HAVE AGAINST GARLIC? Absolutely nothing! Garlic is great and you should season your […]

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Everyone Should Be Able to Afford Medicine

Prescription drug prices have become more transparent. And to the surprise of few, they’re high. The exorbitant cost of prescription drugs can leave consumers in a precarious situation. Everyone should be able to afford medicine, but unfortunately that is not always the case. As consumers begin to pay more attention to their drug costs with […]

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This Thanksgiving, Be a Bad Host

As October rolls away into November and another page falls off the calendar, Halloween fears become a time to give thanks. Children are coming home with hand-painted turkeys and pies are being baked, giving off an aroma that wafts through the house. Toward the end of the month, everyone will gather their loved ones close […]

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Pinworm Hosts the Parent-Teacher Conference

Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Billy’s Parents. Thank you so much for joining us for tonight’s Parent-Teacher conference. And during October of all months! Halloween! Oh, I’m just squirming in the dirt thinking about it! Mr. Teacher was feeling a little under the weather, so his good pal Pinworm has decided to fill in. Don’t […]

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As Summer Ends, Something Wormy This Way Comes

Pinworm beneath storm clouds

With less than a month until Labor Day, summer is beginning to collect its belongings in preparation to hit the road. Soon, the windows at summer camps across the country will be shuttered for the fall, and all the children who’ve spent the warm months making friends and roasting s’mores will board busses or jump […]

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