Boost Your Immune System Outdoors

Hot cocoa and warm mittens are the nostalgic memories of playing long hours in the snow. Time, we spent sledding or building forts and snowmen on snow days, longing never to go inside. Childhood time spent outside creates memories as well as boosts immunity. Outdoor play is meant for not only children but also adults! Fresh air is great for all ages.  

Four Benefits of Outdoor Play:

Fresh Air 

  • In a modern and tech-savvy world, we see children consumed in online and indoor social circles, and the more time spent inside, the more time spent engrossed by the same germs circulated in homes. It is no secret that most parents blame the cold winter days for their child’s cold or flu. Although the cold and flu viruses are more common during winter, the air circulation with more time spent inside could be more infectious than the winter weather.  

Increase Physical Activity 

  • Having regular physical activity has been shown to have a positive impact on overall health. Children are still growing, and time spent inactive can prevent muscle development. Exercise has been proven to boost the production of immune cells and antibodies, providing a natural defense against infections. Physical activity can increase immunity, whether sledding, running, or snowball fights.  

Stimulate Imagination 

  • Childhood imagination is beautiful, and carefree play allows children to think outside the box. Playing outside will enable kids to use their imagination to build a snow fort or snow tunnel or fight the bad guys with snowball fights. The blank canvas of snow allows children to create themselves, explore the unknown, and use their imaginative and problem-solving skills.  

Strengthen Immune System  

  • Once outdoors, your child can escape from indoor bacteria and germs. Not only will this be suitable for healthy kids, but sick kids can also benefit from fresh air. The outdoor environment allows your child to develop resistance to allergies, equaling a stronger autoimmune system. Spending time in nature has been linked to reduced stress levels, a critical factor in supporting a robust immune system. Chronic stress can weaken the immune system, making the body more susceptible to illness. The outdoors is a natural, calming environment for kids to enjoy and play stress-free, increasing their overall health.  


Let us embrace the great outdoors for the joy it brings and the incredible health benefits it provides to help fight off pinworm infections.