A Happy and Healthy Year: A Fun Resolution for Kids

The clock ticked away, the countdown ended, and we welcomed the new year, a perfect time to start thinking of New Year’s resolutions. Better late than never. What better New Year’s resolution than focusing on being happy and healthy? Are you ready for a fantastic journey of fun and wellness? Let’s dive in!


Move your Body, Groove your Heart:

Our bodies love to move. They love to dance, sing, play, and go on fun walks. Whether playing tag with our friends, going on a family bike ride, or having a dance party in our bedroom, let’s keep our bodies moving this coming year.


Eat the Rainbow:

Imagine your plate full of beautiful colors, a canvas meant to be painted; this year, try some new food, some fruit, or a vegetable out of your comfort zone. Different colors can bring various superpowers. Eat the rainbow and watch yourself become a superhero!


Stay Hydrated:

Just like plants, our bodies need water to grow and stay healthy. Make a habit of drinking lots of water every day. Taking on new challenges can sometimes be tricky; make it fun by using colorful cups or water bottles.


Sweet Dreams:

All superheroes need their sleep. Make a New Year’s resolution to get enough sleep each night. Something that can help with this is creating a nighttime routine. Brush your teeth, read a book, and hop into bed at a reasonable hour.


Be Kind and Laugh Out Loud:

Another superpower we all have is the ability to be kind. This year, spread kindness and find something that makes you laugh daily. This could be a funny joke, a silly dance, or a goofy game with friends. Use laughter and kindness to launch you forward this year.


Squeaky Clean:

This year wash your hands and get into a routine of better hygiene. Add a vibrate toothbrush or sweet-smelling soap, to make a habit of washing your hands and brushing your teeth. When we include hand washing in our daily activities, we keep germs away from our mouth and our food. This allows us to be the best superheroes we can be without getting sick.


Here is to a year of healthy New Year’s resolutions, discovering the superhero within. Hydrate, sleep, move and take the necessary medication to enjoy the year. When vital, use Reese’s Pinworm Medicine to treat a pinworm infection. We want to implement good habits that help our everyday health and help when we need a superhero immunity boost.