Everyone Should Be Able to Afford Medicine

Prescription drug prices have become more transparent. And to the surprise of few, they’re high. The exorbitant cost of prescription drugs can leave consumers in a precarious situation. Everyone should be able to afford medicine, but unfortunately that is not always the case.

As consumers begin to pay more attention to their drug costs with insurance plans and employment opportunities changing, it has become increasingly apparent that there is an intense need for affordable alternatives to continually rising costs.


Being priced out of medications you need is not only a difficult situation to be placed in, it’s a preventable circumstance.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban—of Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team fame—has waded into the conversation with a new start-up, called the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company.

Dedicated to providing affordable versions of high-cost private-label medications, the new company claims to provide “radical transparency” in how the prices for its medications are calculated. They go into detail about this on their website.


Cuban’s new company’s mantra is “Everyone should be able to afford medicine.” But it extends beyond simply creating affordable medications for consumers. Cuban’s company believes that consumers should know the cost of producing the medications so they can assess the fair market cost the company intends to charge.

In this way, Cuban posits, consumers will be able to avoid hidden costs, middlemen, and will be able to receive discounts that insurance companies do through rebate programs only they have access to.


Prescription Pinworm medication costs have been on the rise for years. Examples of the cost of a single dose jumping from three dollars to over six-hundred dollars are prevalent.

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