We Searched the Internet and These are the Best Pinworm Videos

Despite effecting 40 million Americans a year, it’s surprising how many people still haven’t heard of pinworm. When trying to educate people on a sensitive topic it can get a little difficult to get the point across and have fun. These creative videos put a different spin on our favorite topic of conversation: Pinworm!


COMING IN THIRD PLACE: Kristen Bell Deals with Family Pinworm Outbreak

Kristen Bell has been open and honest about her family’s struggle with Pinworm. After her daughter contracted the infection from her preschool, Kristen had to rid her family home of them herself. In this video, The Drs discuss the situation and give some good info about Pinworm along with a laugh.

IN SECOND PLACE: What is a Pinworm Infection? (Human Parasitic Disease)

Pinworm doesn’t have to be a bear if you’re informed and know what to do once you or someone in your family has contracted it. This is proven by this surprisingly cute video put together in 2018 by Healthery. Learn about Pinworm while our protagonist Bear shares some pizza with his rabbit and bird friends.


Sometimes heart matters as much as budget. While this video is hand drawn, it provides an excellent overview of Pinworm and how it functions. When you consider the artist is able to draw and explain all of this from memory, it begins to show you how special of a resource this video truly is.

AND THE WINNER IS! What Causes Pinworm? The Dr. Binocs Show

The Dr. Binocs show does an excellent job explaining Pinworm in a slow, steady, and entertaining fashion. Created as a learning tool for kids, The Dr. Binocs episode on Pinworm features bright colors, language everyone can understand, and effective ways to deal with and prevent Pinworm.