Reese Pharmaceutical Company Introduces New Pinworm Itch Relief Wipes

CLEVELAND, OHIO, March 8, 2018—Reese Pharmaceutical Company has added Reese’s Pinworm Itch Relief Wipes to their product line.

Now available for purchase OTC, Reese’s Pinworm Itch Relief Wipes provide temporary relief of pain, soreness, burning, itching, or discomfort associated with anorectal inflammation while reducing contact with the highly contagious parasite. The wipes contain 1% Pramoxine Hydrochloride and are available in a 20 count on-the-go pouch for maximum strength itch relief at a great value to consumers.

Reese’s Pinworm Itch Relief Wipes were developed to be used in conjunction with Reese’s Pinworm Medicine. An OTC pinworm treatment option that retails at up to 97% less than Rx options, Reese’s Pinworm Medicine is the #1 trusted formula for pinworms.

Both Reese’s Pinworm Medicine and Reese’s Pinworm Itch Relief Wipes are 100% incremental sales opportunities.

The most common intestinal parasite in the US, pinworm infects 20 to 42 million people per year. They are inconvenient, but easily treatable. Pinworms typically infect preschoolers and school-age children, as well as their parents and family members.

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